God’s Plan; not your plan

“If it’s not from God, I don’t want it.”
This has been in my brain for the last few days. I was texting a friend and I typed it out of pure faith. I realized it, and it was so moving for me. You’re probably wondering how faith allowed me to type it. I always ask God to guide my words and this was what came out. I didn’t always ask God to guide my words, and that was an epic failure of mine.

These last three months I have had the chance to really focus on my life, my relationship with God, what I am suppose to do, how I’m suppose to do it. What I wanted and what I didn’t want. What is best for me and what I need. The conclusion I came up with is this, I want what God wants for me. I have really been studying my faith and I prayed that maybe things should be done a certain way, but honestly without God leading the way, I can want all I want, but that doesn’t mean that’s what God wants me to do.

I can not stress enough to wait on God and to listen for him and his wisdom. That’s how we learn patience. WAIT! We have to wait on God, he is the one that directs our steps and he would never send us in the wrong direction. I am so glad that I am able to share this with you because the learning process with this was very difficult. Especially for a person who has control issues and wants things the ways she wants them.  I am gradually learning that I don’t need control of anything, God does.

You have to get out of your own way and let God do what he needs to do in your life. He never said there wouldn’t be bad days, but he did say he will never leave you nor forsake you. Hang on to those words and know that God is always there.


God gives second chances

Life, at times, can be very difficult. It goes up and down, and a lot of the times it’s hard to really understand the why of it all. You sit here and think about how much is wrong, or what’s not going right. Thinking about the decisions and choices you have made, that probably weren’t the best.

Well the truth is, WE ALL MAKE BAD CHOICES. We tend to make decisions at times based on feelings, which I have learned the hard way, probably isn’t the best thing to do. We say things we don’t mean, we get upset and want to blame others, or just blame God for something wrong happening to us.

The good news is, GOD GIVES SECOND CHANCES. He is the expert at forgiveness and no matter what you have done or thought or said, if you ask for forgiveness, God has no problem forgiving you. That’s the kind of awesome God we serve, one who forgives quick and loves you no matter what you say or do.

Think about how many people in the Bible, who have made a bad choice but God has forgiven and then used them for his purpose. Four women: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba; Tamar seduced her father-in-law to get pregnant. Rahab was a prostitute. Ruth,who wasn’t jewish, broke the law and married a jewish man and Bathsheba committed adultery with David. God brought the good out of all these situations. Remember God is much bigger than our problems. He is much bigger than our wrong decisions. He is much bigger than our choices.

If you tell your problem how big your God is, you will see how your thinking will change and how you will begin to realize God is a god of forgiveness. He will always forgive you if you are truly sorry for what you have done or said. The hardest part usually is you forgiving yourself. Once God has forgiven you, let it go. God is no longer worried about it and neither should you. Forgive yourself, and ask God how you can be his helpful servant.

Temporary Assignment

So I have been reading a lot the last few days about what my purpose is in life. Well we know that we are here for something if God keeps waking us up every morning right, however I have been wondering is there something more I should be doing. Should I be praying more? Helping more? Go to church more? My thinking has sometimes kept me up at night and then awake way too early and then I begin in my prayers. But the truth I think that I have been looking for, I have found, well I think I have found it, DON’T GET TOO COMFORTABLE HERE. 

Yep, that’s it, DON’T GET TOO COMFORTABLE HERE. A while back, I don’t remember how long, but my friend Vicki told me , “you didn’t know that this life is only temporary?” Of course I knew that, but I had taken myself so far away from God, that I totally missed this. This life, this world, is only temporary. Carrie Underwood song “Temporary Home” is a great listen. I began to think about all the things I do and don’t do, how I treat others, how I think.  You can tell a lot about a person by the way they spend their time and money. So, how are you spending your time and your money? 

Thinking that the life that I have is just the dress rehearsal for the big show, yes, I do think that I need to re-evaluate how I see things in my life. The complaining I do towards my son and him not picking up his socks probably could stop. To stop thinking about putting my plans in actions without asking God about what I should be doing. Maybe I could extend kinder words, and help more than continuing to think about my wants first. Recognizing the blessings that I have in front of me, instead of always trying to do more to have more. I need to value my time more, instead of spending time on things that aren’t in my control. Spending time with people who continue to do things against what I believe in and desire for.

It takes faith to live on earth as a foreigner. I need a Christian green card. You know like a work visa, but a green card for earth. I’m just here to work for God and head on home when he is ready for me to leave. I think once we realize what God wants from us, to love, to worship him, to spread his word, and treat others as he treated us; I think he will be please with us. I do believe that we were created for something much bigger than this. God has great plans for you, all you have to do is trust him and everything will be given to you. Keep your heart, mind, and soul focused on what God wants for you. Never focus on temporary crowns. 

Who are you going to live for? God or you?

A little pick me up

I think nothing pleases God more than to truly love the person he has made you. We have very different thoughts about ourselves that make us wonder why we are the way we are and who we are truly.  We often complain about what we look like, what we are not happy about, what can we change. We admire others or have that jealousy on wanting to look like a certain person. To truly know yourself, you have to set yourself apart from others and look into your true self. If you’re wondering how you do that, keep reading.

1) God makes no mistakes. He created you long before your parents or grandparents were even born. He knew exactly what he was doing when he put your parents together and although your parents made have thought ooops, we aren’t ready for this, God knew they were ready and he wanted and needed you too. God has very specific plans for you and what he wants you to accomplish for him. He has always had you in mind, so don’t short yourself thinking otherwise. If you woke up and are reading this, you have a purpose.

2) Find your purpose and why you are here. Know and embrace what you like and don’t like. Know and embrace what you will and won’t tolerate. With that being said, not just from a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship stand point but from life itself. You’ve all heard the saying, “you are who you talk to and hang around.” Who is in your close party? Are they complainers, nah sayer, do they use the word CAN’T too much? Are their words more negative than positive? Do they constantly talk and look down upon others? It maybe time to look for a new group to hang with. What we don’t realize a lot of the time is that the things we constantly hear, address, react too, that becomes us, and then we begin to think that way and forget all about how Jesus wants us to think and above all LOVE You have to free yourself from the negative people and surround yourself with positive people. Believe it will be hard, but again if the path you walk is not for others, well that just means you walk with Jesus and he will put the right people in your life. 

3) It’s very much ok to be different. Being different it was sets you apart. No one wants anyone like them. Yes, read that again, No one wants anyone like them. What does the world need with a bunch of you’s? Seriously why do you want to know what you think all the time? People who think outside the box, people who think inside the box, people who don’t have a box, they are all different and those people will and do hold a significant part of your life. I could not imagine having a friend just like me. I get on my own nerves sometimes by the way I talk or think, and I always pray about it and not that I don’t trust Jesus, I ask my besties about it. I have these four ladies around because they are absolutely nothing like me and I love it. They hold confidence and they stand up to me when I need it. We don’t always agree, and that’s ok, its called having adult friends, but without these ladies, or if these ladies were all like me, we’d never get anything done, and have the same conversation over and over. 

4) If nothing else gets your attention,maybe this will, YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK? Whether it’s positive or negative, that’s you. I’m hoping its more on the positive side, but I know we have those days where, well the sun is not shining on me. Try to think past those thoughts and get back on track. What ever you draw your mind to, that’s what you give your attention to. So when your mind begins to wonder about the negative things, tell Satan not today and keep going. 

I am sharing this with you, because at one point, this was all me. I hated the way I looked. I entertained foolery, and continued to complain about everything. It got me absolutely no where. Seriously, no where. Being bitter and angry at everything, and not really caring about a lot of things. I took myself away from my church, and tried to handle life on my own. The outcome, FAILURE! Yep, fell completed on my face! 

A very helpful book for me is “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. I have seem to have lost my direction somewhere a long the way these last 17 years, not bad but looking at life now, well I know I am not where I need to be, (by the way, this wasn’t my plan, that’s what I get for not asking Jesus) but I will get there and so can you. Yesterday at church something hit me very hard, I couldn’t repeat when the deacon was talking, but I knew it was meant for me. Jesus, I trust in you. Say it over and over and over till it sticks. Believe it, he will take care of you, no matter your shortcomings. Just ask for forgiveness and keep moving forward. 

God Bless!! Above all, LOVE. 

Friends are the Best

So last night I stayed up late working on this blog and the future blog I have in progress. Blogging is a lot harder than you think. I mean the writing comes natural to me, but trying to make sure you have the right design, what’s on the blog, what might help your income and what won’t work. After about 1 a.m. I went to bed. 

This morning, of course I didn’t hear my phone ring, but when I checked my phone there was a message from one my best friends asking how I was and that she was praying for me. My last post was about my online bible study and this touched my heart, almost like a tug of fear leaving. I mean, not a bad fear, just a fear of knowing that no matter what, she would be there. 

This really got me to thinking about my not so current situation anymore, but the people who have reached out to me, prayed for me, and continue to keep our friendship going although I may not see them like I used to. A job does not define who your friends are. You do. The ones that stick by you, the ones who will continue to pray for you and hope that you are still doing well regardless of any situation.

This made me realize that my friends hold such a significant part of my life, and making an effort to keep them in my life should be one of my higher priorities. Not that I don’t now, but to make more of an effort to do more. Yes you argue, get mad, you get tired of hearing the same ole story, or problem, but that’s what make your friend, your friend. That person trusts you enough to confide in you and you should see that as a blessing and just listen. 

I thank God that I am truly blessed with such great friends. People do come into your life for many reasons, some are meant to stay and others aren’t. If you haven’t reached out to your friend, today is that day. Life is too short not to have a friend that will continue to wish you well and pray for you.

God Bless! 

Listen, Love, Repeat

This week I started the Listen Love Repeat  book by Karen Ehman. This book goes along with the online bible study from Proverbs 31 minitries to follow along the teachings of Jesus. Chapter 1 reviewed “Living Alert, How to Hear a Heart Drop.” 

I’m sure you’re wondering what that is, so I’m here to explain it to you. To hear a heart drop means to really listen to someone and pick up on key things about that person. It’s when a person gives you a peek into their heart. It may be through words, or maybe feelings, but to really experience a “heart drop,” you have to be very attentive. You have to really listen to the other person. Too often we are listening to speak and listening not to hear. I know I’ve been guilty of this quite a few times, but I am currently working on this. 

The way the world has evolved is you’re either on social media, telling your entire life or taking pics of everything you do, and then checking out on Facebook so everyone will know. Can you imagine if there was social media when Jesus was alive. I’m sure Jesus wouldn’t have checked out on Facebook in Jerusalem #passovercelebration. We have to stop focusing on ourselves and find ways to help others the way Jesus would want us to. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t post your life or your pictures, I know social media is a great way to stay in contact with friends, family and long distance relatives, but I’m simply saying maybe if we get ourselves away from the “self,” we could probably be a lot more attentive or alert to the “heart drop.” (I’m definitely guilty of this as well.) But with prayer and knowing that this pleases Jesus, I can do this and so can you.

Here are a few tips from the book on how to work on listening for that “heart drop”

  • Pray and ask Jesus for a humble, servants heart
  • Find along time for preparation. Bible study and reading. Schedule the time in free of distractions or interruptions
  • Have your eyes and ears wide open
  • Focus on the face in front of you; your friend or family member, leave the email or the schedule for afterwards; clear mind to really listen

Remember to live alert, pray every morning for God to “tune your ears, focus your eyes, and soften your heart to the needs around you.” If you’re interested in reading the Bible study for yourself, on their website you can download the first two chapters for free, as well as receive a heart drop screen saver. Also if you have any examples of when you heard that “heart drop,” please share your story, I’d love to read about it! 
Next chapter starts tomorrow; hope you’ll join the Bible study. 


You woke up right….

If you woke up this morning, God has a purpose for you. Don’t allow anyone to make you think otherwise. It’s easy to give up, and want to quit, but DON’T! Keep pushing, Keep praying, your season is closer than you think.

I read something this morning, “Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.” That hit me like a ton of bricks when I read it. Stop focusing on what went wrong, who didn’t help you, who left and focus on your goals, where you want to be, how you’re going to get there.

Keep yourself motivated, think highly of yourself, and know if you didn’t have a purpose you would not be here at this moment. Know that God makes no mistakes, and can change any circumstance around for you. You may not understand it now, but soon enough you will. The question is, “Will you be ready?”